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Sep 5, 2012

US version of Debussy Szymanowski?

I saw on that Rafał Blechacz's CD Debussy Szymanowski will be released on Sept. 25 and pre-order is accepted.  Is this US edition of the CD?  One customer review is already given.

Barns & Noble  offering CD at a common-sense price with the same launch date, Sept. 25.


  1. That is so strange. They had the exact same page of it for months (the price was 34 then it dropped to 27). Except for that older page, there were other buying options from third party US-based sellers, who actually charge the "normal" DG price ($10-15)...

    Anyway, I wonder how do they determine the prices... To me their rationale just seem like "Since the fans of Rafal Blechacz will more likely to be serious listener (instead of ones who fall for pretty face or heavy promotion), let's charge them more!"

    *Not impressed*

  2. I was wondering the same thing when I saw it on Amazon.
    By looking at the product details, ASIN number for example, there is no difference among Amazon UK, Canada, France, and US. (Japanese version is different though...could be because of the special bonus track?)

    Now that I'm curious...was there any difference between Europe version & US version when Chopin Concertos was released?

  3. ????
    I thought in US the CD has not been officially released simply because I've never seen a serious review from US. Generally a price is determined by supply-demand balance so I thought that's the reason of the crazy price in US. I remember buying US, EU, Japan versions of "sonatas", all priced reasonably, but don't know if Chopin Concertos had a unique US version.

  4. The reason why I bought other versions of "sonatas" outside of Japan was that Japanese version had a deficiency: the booklet didn't include Rafał's note about the program. I wanted to read his note and the release date was earlier for US version than EU. EU version was in digi pack and US's was in plastic package. And the booklet was in three languages for EU version. . As for Chopin Concertos, I know the EU version was not in digi pack, it was in the plastic case and I don't know if there was a separate US version.


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