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Oct 17, 2012

A song for remembering

In his interview in 2007, Rafał Blechacz remembered an unforgettable concert in Bydgoszcz that he attended when he was a child, by "Poznańskie Słowiki (Poznan Nightingales)",  a choir composed of boys and men with its conductor, Professor Stefan Stuligrosz.  The choir performed "Messiah" by Handel. Blechacz said "On that occasion, I heard this work for the first time in its entirety and live", and he was deeply moved.

It has been reported that  Professor Stefan Stuligrosz passed away in June this year. He was 91.

Here you can hear voice of the choir, conducted by the Professor.
I remember this today, on the special day when all the music fans remember Frédéric Chopin (1 March or 22 February 1810 – 17 October 1849).

In Tokyo, Restaurant Polska, a Polish restaurant opened this month.  As far as I know, this is the only Polish restaurant in Japan.  I must go and try...!→

↑ Correction! (added Oct. 19)
I was informed that the restaurant opened last year in Shibuya Tokyo, and moved this month. There are two other Polish restaurants in Shizuoka and Kagoshima (central and southern parts of the country).


  1. Chopin means to me a lot, as well.
    On last sunday I watched the ceremony of the Echo prize award on TV, but Blechacz didn't appear:-(
    He may go to this restaurant, when he is in Tokyo.

    1. Indeed Chopin is very special to many.
      Yes, the night of ECHO award ceremony, he was still in U.S. where he gave two recitals.
      It's good to know that there is a Polish restaurant. There used be one in the suburbs of Nagoya but it was closed. I always wonder why there is no Polish restaurant in a country that has so many Chopin enthusiasts.

  2. A great "Arigato" for remembering prof. Stuligrosz, who, apart from being an outstanding conductor and composer, was also a great teacher and role model for several generations of boys from our city.

    Choir singing played a special role in the city of Poznań and the entire region of Wielkopolska, as - except for being great art - it was also crucial in preserving our (once forbidden) beautiful language.

    Hugs from Poland!
    Marzena Jaworska

    P.S. As I remember, in one of the Japanese interviews Rafał was desperately asking the journalist about a Polish restaurant in Tokio. I guess you should try it out and share your opinion :)

    1. Thank you for your input about Prof. Stuligrosz. I read some article; how he succeeded this role of leading the choir during the war time, how it was important for your culture and should be proud of him.

      You have a good memory. Yes Rafał asked a question about Polish restaurant in his interview in 2010 :D
      Yes, I'll try. One of my friends already invited me to go with her.

  3. Rafał Blechacz in Mainz (Sep.28.2012)

    SWR2 Radio Streaming
    Monday 19. Nov.2012
    8:03 PM(Central European Time)

    Johann Sebastian Bach:
    Partita Nr. 3 a-minor BWV 827
    Ludwig van Beethoven:
    Sonate Nr. 7 D-major op. 10 Nr. 3
    Claude Debussy:
    ”Suite bergamasque” L 75
    Karol Szymanowski:
    Sonate Nr. 1 c-minor op. 8

    1. Thank you, Vielen Dank for the good news!


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