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Oct 30, 2012


I just have to pray that my friends, fans of Rafał, acquaintances in the East Coast stay safe.

I received an e-mail from a family there.  They survived the storm but there is no electricity.....I'm hoping for early recovery from the aftermath. (Oct.31 JST)

I also remember the words by Blechacz about Chopin music two years ago when southern part of Poland was hit by flood.

"After the concert (in Poznań) Blechacz noted that in Chopin's music there are a lot of pains and sorrows but also hope that in hard times currently experienced by the Poles is all very much needed".

And he donated fees for the performance in Poznań for the people affected by the floods.


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  2. Yes you are right; we shouldn't allow the bad weather to affect our heart and mind (I've been a bit upset by watching TV news...) and as you said his music is close to your heart. Be safe and fine!

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  4. Sincerely hope that it'll get better soon!


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