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Oct 11, 2012

Interview for "The Thread", Duke Performance

An interview Rafal Blechacz gave to Braian Howe of "The Thread", Duke Performance Theater.

Original interview

"This is my fifth time in the United States. I like the public here. I remember my first concert here was in 2008 at the Gilmore Festival. It’s a prestigious place and I was happy when I got the invitation. Also, I had a very good impression when I played with the New York Philharmonic in 2008. We played Chopin’s second concerto together and it was a wonderful experience for me to play with the great orchestra in New York.

 -- Have you noticed any differences between, say, Japanese and European audiences?

The differences are not so big. In Japan, when I play Chopin, I know the concert hall will be completely full, because Chopin is amazing for them. I think that which program I offer to each country is very important. The first tour in Japan, seven years ago, was only Chopin music, because it was a request from my Japanese agency. But when I play in Germany and France and the U.K., I think it’s very good to combine the program, to present different styles and composers. So usually I am playing Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart in the first parts of the recitals, and in the second parts I often play Romantic music—Chopin and Schumann, for example. During my recitals in this season, I present quite a lot of Debussy and Szymanowski, which is connected to my last recording for Deutsche Grammophon. Szymanowski is not so popular in Europe and also in my country, Poland, so I would like to present him more.

Gilmore Festival, April 2008


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