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Oct 15, 2012

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital at Duke, NC

Review of Rafał Blechacz's recital at Bryan Center Reynolds Industries Theater, Duke University, Durham, NC, Oct. 12, written by John W. Lambert,
with the highest admiration of his artistry.

Review on CVNC website
What, No Brahms? Blechacz Dazzles at Duke with Bach, Beethoven, and More

For its first piano recital of the current season, Duke Performances brought Rafal Blechacz back to Reynolds Theater for an impressive program that demonstrated in no uncertain terms why this artist's playing has captured the hearts and minds of music lovers around the globe.



  1. "Ah, to be at once so young, so thin, so dashing, and so talented!" - Ideal summary, in my opinion:)

  2. "And just think: his contemporaries today could, with luck, experience Blechacz's artistry for another 60 years or more".
    - You are among them!

    Not only that he is talented, he practices very hard, especially before each recital. This devotion and loyalty to music makes level of his interpretation insurmountable. And audience senses it!

  3. Wow. I've just imagined how it would be, in 50-60 years(I hope members of Rafał's family are long-lived, and so are mine), to go to Rafał's concert. In light of fact that he's so good even now, and he's so determined to learn more and more, in future he's going to be... just perfect. Great moment to wait for - just to listen to a full-mature pianist.

  4. Ah, I cannot imagine how he will be 50-60 years later given that he is already matured and perfect. Sometimes it is difficult for me to hear other pianists' performances especially of the pieces that Rafał played. But it's interesting to just imagine Rafał Blechacz with gray hair and transparent, warm eyes, smiling.


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