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Nov 13, 2012

A big success for Rafał in Nancy

On November 12, Rafał Blechacz gave a Recital @Salle Poirel, Nancy, France.

"Again a big success for Rafał Blechacz in Nancy. Tonight's recital at the Salle Poirel brought a big ovation already after the first part. At the end not only thunderous clapping but also shoutings of "Bravo! Bravo!" were heard for an extended time so he responded to such an enthusiasm by playing for encore two pieces by Chopin".

Following is an impression of the recital written by an audience member at Salle Poirel.

"So I finally could attend to one of Rafał's concert... I was so glad. I've been waiting for this for 5 years. I honestly couldn't realize that it was finally happening.

He started with Bach 3rd partita. It was incredible, the articulation was amazing, there were lots of nuances and a great musicality. Once he had finished it, I heard someone say "Oh, he's really great. Really really great. He's already a great pianist."

Then he continued with Beethoven 7th sonata. Again, I was very pleased. The tempo was just perfect (very fast, but so articulated that it was actually an ideal tempo). The 2nd movement moved me very much... He has an incredible sound.

On the 2nd part he played Debussy (suite bergamasque). I have never heard so many colors in that music.

And at the end, he played Szymanowski's sonata in C minor. An extraordinary virtuosity mixed to a good comprehension of the text... What a beautiful interpretation! The audience was so pleased that he played 2 encores. 1st was Chopin's waltz op.34 no.2 in A minor. I had tears in my eyes. He is so touching when he plays Chopin... And the 2nd was Chopin's mazurka op.17 no.2 in a very energetic way! It was awesome.

After the concert he went in the hall to sign CDs or programs. I saw him and I discovered an extremely kind person. He was adorable.

I am still so moved by this evening. But the only word in my head now is "frustration". When you've been waiting for 5 years and when those 5 years are achieved in 1h30, it is very, very frustrating. One thing is sure: now that I live in France, I'll try to attend every concert he's giving here".

**Many thanks to Marine for sharing the precious experience with us.
   She said that now the frustration is over, with more satisfaction occupying her heart ♫


  1. I hope Rafał will be playing in Poland next year. I'm sure I will be as excited as Marine:)

  2. I hope so! There should be many people in Poland anxiously awaiting the opportunity to listen to him "live".

  3. Especially he didn't play in Poland this year... I'm really looking forward to his concert!

  4. I also do hope that Rafał will be given the opportunity to play for the people of his country who genuinely love his music in the nearest future.


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