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Dec 7, 2013

Review of the concert at Santa Cecilia (3)

by Claudio Listani, posted on La Voce
"Kent Nagano, an elegant and refined director"

".....In the Mozart concerto, the understanding between Nagano and Rafal Blechacz, the pianist who is young but of great international importance, was perfect,  exhibiting a bright amalgamation between the orchestra and the soloist,  certainly of great grip and musical charm....."

Another review on Rinascita
"Nagano, Blechacz and two masterpieces"
A very good review, sorry no time to translate

Interview by Blechacz, on Rai Podcast Radio3 (audio)

Dec 4, 2013

Review of the concert at Santa Cecilia (2)

written by Stefano Ceccarelli

Original review

".....Blechacz suona da virtuoso assoluto: lasciano stupiti la perizia, il tocco delicatissimo e l’esecuzione delle impervie scale, ascendenti e discendenti. Più che un prorompente esecutore, è un cesellatore virtuoso: la resa della sua esecuzione pare opera di un giardiniere avveduto, che adorna le proprie piante con coreografie d’acqua, con zampilli spumanti. Nagano ben dirige l’orchestra e l’accompagna nella concertazione del solista...."

Review of the concert at Santa Cecilia

Refined elegance - Rafal Blechacz plays Mozart in Rome
written by Deborah Swain

".....I've had the pleasure of hearing Rafał Blechacz perform on several occasions over the last couple of years, and once again last night I was impressed not only by his sheer virtuosity, but also by the refined elegance, maturity of interpretation, and consummate poise in his playing...."

Reviews by Deborah of his performances in Rome
Recital, March 2011
Beethoven Concerto No.4, Feb. 2012
Recital, May 2013

Photo credit:

Prize of the German Record Critics for Rafal Blechacz
reported on KD Schumid


Photo credit:

Nov 30, 2013

Rafał Blechacz recital for Rheingau Festival to be broadcast by ABC Classic FM (Australia)

on December 6 @13:00 (local time) (3:00 am CET)
~convenient time for listeners in Asia/Pacific ♫

ABC Classic FM website

Courtesy Rheingau Music Festival -3 pictures available

Nov 24, 2013

Nice reporting & photo from Concertgebouw

by Towarzystwo Polek w Holandii,

ToPolki website
Nice description of the recital.  You can see the artist in playing, by enlarging the photo.

The picture let me recall what he said in an interview of his unforgettable things/people (as of the spring, 2009).  Concertgebouw came first.  It was even before his recording of "Chopin concertos" there in July, 2009.

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Nov 22, 2013

Blechacz's CD "Chopin Polonaises" , 5 de diapason, November 2013 (France)

"Chopin Polonaises" awarded 5 de Diapason, November 2013.
Review by Etienne Moreau

Etienne Moreau wrote reviews on his previous albums, such as "sonatas" and "Chopin Piano Concertos" for Diapason, too.  (See DG's Blechacz album review pages)

"Debussy Szymanowski"  5 de diapason, April 2012

"Chopin Preludes" Diapason d'Or, 2008 (Best of the year 2008)

Nov 21, 2013

Blechacz's CD "Polonaises" selected as quarterly best recording by German critics

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik (Prize of the German Record Critics) selected Rafał Blechacz's CD "Chopin Polonaises" as the quarterly best CD for piano music (4-2013).

Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik
Best recordings of 4-2013

".....Rafał Blechacz does not linger long, he goes quickly, always pushing forward. Still, he knows tiny resting stops, where he can draw breath. The new recording of Polonaises by Frédéric Chopin gives this auditory impression. Whether the bass octaves in the middle part of op. 53 or the surprising twists and turns in op. 40: Blechacz does't primarily bring out the salon aspect of Chopin's music, he shows corners and edges of these works, their always vulnerable elegance and density of events. A picture full of momentum and inner fire, full of shades and tone colors, suppleness and flavor." (by the jury: Christoph Vratz)

It was broadcast by SWR2 Cluster.
Listen to the audio file at the third from the top, titled, "Vierteljahresbestenliste des Preises der deutschen Schallplattenkritik".

You can read text of this SWR program.

Muzyka21 Oct. issue features Rafał Blechacz's album (Poland)

Muzyka21 October issue
Scroll down to the middle for a note of his CD "Chopin Polonaises" by Arkadiusz Jędrasik (initial part only).

Nov 19, 2013

Blechacz talks about upcoming recital and concerto (Spain, audio)

From RTVE website, a mini interview by Rafał Blechacz in English is available.
The program "La dársena" introduces Blechacz's recital in Madrid (Nov.19) and collaboration with Victor Pablo Perez in playing Mozart piano concerto in C minor (Nov. 22,23) in Galicia.  Blechacz appreciates Victor Pablo Perez for his deep understanding of Blechacz's approach to interpretation.  They performed together several times with concertos by Beethoven, Saint-Saëns.

RTVE website
Blechacz's interview and his performance of some Polonaises from DG begins at around 58:00.

Nov 16, 2013

Nice short review of "Polonaises" (Germany)

Südkurier on Nov. 16

Poetry on the piano

"Great Chopin players are few in number. However, with this recording of the Polonaises, you must include 28-year-old Rafał Blechacz in the league of Vladimir Horowitz, Martha Argerich and Maurizio Pollini. "

Nov 15, 2013

Review of "Chopin Polonaises" (the Netherlands, Germany, Romania)

Posted on bookstore Lijnmarkt, Utrecht
".....also the best.  From the beginning a listener is at the edge of the chair...."

Bing translator

Another review posted on RONDO, Germany, written by Matthias Kornemann.

From Romanian website
"Young people are not just young people: a small hand book about excellence in music"

Google translate

Nov 10, 2013

Review of CD "Chopin Polonaises" (Denmark, Germany)

Posted on
Author's name is not mentioned.  Perfect six stars (or hearts) are given.
The review of Blechacz's album comes in the latter half of the article.  The first part is about Jan Lisiecki's CD "Etudes".

Google translate (English)

Badische Zeitung, Germany, gives a mini review of the album.

My prayers and thoughts are with the people in the Philippines which were hit by the huge typhoon Haiyan, the biggest storm in recent years, on weekend.  Sincerely hope that rescue activities will go smoothly and people's lives will be back to normal as soon as possible.

Nov 6, 2013

Review of "Chopin Polonaises" (Italy)

From Universal Music Italia

"In the column of the "Il Venerdi" a few days ago, Claudio Strinati writes an enthusiastic review of the interpretation of Chopin's Polonaises by the twenty-eight-year-old Polish pianist Rafal Blechacz , published this month".

"If we owe to Chopin the knowledge of uncharted territory, we owe to a pianist like Blechacz the merit of having a full and perfect idea. " (.....)

**I wanted to convert this article in English fully but time is up...Here it's already midnight.  Good night!
Hope that someone gets"Il Venerdi" for this enthusiastic review by Claudio Strinati (#^.^#)

Review of "Chopin Polonaises" by Gary Lemco (US)

"The collection of Chopin polonaises find a sympathetic and often passionate acolyte in Blechacz, who takes his place among the virile interpreters of the Polish keyboard master".

(by Gary Lemco)

The entire review

***Lemco wrote about Blechacz's interpretations several times.

Another review of CD "Polonaises", written by Blair Sanderson (Michigan, US)

Original review

Review of Blechacz's interpretation of Chopin (the Netherlands)

By Aart van der Wal, for, November 2013,
Translated by Jan Zum Vörde

Original review on (Dutch)

Rafal Blechacz (1985) began with piano lessons at age five. He was only eleven when he took part in various competitions in and outside Poland. His international breakthrough came in 2005, when he won all the prizes but had to forgive the International Chopin Competition in Warsaw, not only the prize but also the highest prize in the categories concerto (op. 11), sonata, polonaise and mazurka (why not nocturne, I wonder). But perhaps the most striking was that the jury by the mouth of Piotr Paleczny felt that Blechacz terms of musicality as head and shoulders above all other participants reached out a second price could not be forgiven. Another juror, the Irish pianist John O'Connor, considered the only twenty Blechacz as one of the greatest artists he had ever met. When Deutsche Grammophon must then also have the ears pricked: end May 2006 Blechacz signed the record contract. This he followed in the footsteps of his great Polish colleague Krystian Zimerman, who in 1975 had brought. The Chopin Competition in his name.

On Sunday, November 10th as Blechacz is back in Amsterdam, the Master Pianists series of Marco Riaskoff. On the program: Mozart Sonata KV 311, Beethoven's Sonata op. 10 No. 3, Chopin Polonaises op. 40 No. 1 and 2, the Scherzo No. 3 and Szymanowski's First Sonata. It will undoubtedly be a memorable evening. Who can not wait that long, the performance of Blechacz admired in the Philharmonie in Haarlem on November 1. Blechacz belongs with his fellow Polish Piotr Anderszewski and Zimerman to the absolute world top. If you live in comparing the three: Anderszewski appears on April 10, 2014 in Amsterdam, Zimerman a month later, on June 15. Back to the performance of Blechacz in 'his' Chopin proves that deep musical understanding, imagination and technical mastery always the best ingredients for fascinating interpretations that even if they are long gone, still remain “simmering”. This is the performance of the master pianist who knows how to incarnate spectacularly the multiple dimensions and the expressive layering which this music is so rich of . He does so with a rich palette of timbres, or more tiny or just broader rubati, accelerandi, accentuation and rhythmically varied, extremely subtle pulsation. All this should be well thought are, which also produces the wonderful paradox of the unpredictable, free, almost improvisatory: there is the dominant impression of flexibility, the music moves in free dimensions, however, be governed by a conceptual way of thinking that continually directs this brilliant discourse.

Blechacz's Chopin is, according to the present recordings, consistent. By both the preludes and concertos as the polonaises there is the same artistic red running thread, the same connection which everything is realized down to the smallest detail. Blechacz never leaves his master and moves in a perfect creative dialogue with the score. There is a strong adventurous side to his playing, the will to continue the tradition to their own hand, but at the same time with the realization that the roots of this music and himself, as a Pole at heart, should play a dominant role. That's at least one aspect of his performances: they supply the tensions on an often very erratic route. On balance, this Chopin performance with its romantic, but perfectly natural performed contrasts between heavenly explorations and deeply lyrical effusions, where outwardly show is exchanged for empathy, makes a stunning impression, even after repeated listening,. Unfortunately this kind of performance, is rarely heard, where one goes through the knees and for you perhaps unconsciously longs for. All on the basis of a concept that is completely clear and shows a perfection, that you makes almost breathless. Complexity and simplicity go hand in hand with Blechacz, with the deeply heartfelt essence always within reach. Blechacz does not quote, but he narrates, a trait he shares with Horowitz and Rubinstein. And to consider that Blechacz is now only twenty-eight years old!

Who can compete with Blechacz in all those aspects? Not too far to go back in time and stay close to DG: Pollini (his views on particular Preludes remains a phenomenon and his EMI recording of the First Piano Concerto, when almost as young as Blechacz now , with Paul Kletzki at the helm is a true 'classic'), Martha Argerich from the very beginning until now (her debut CD for DG continues to fascinate), Zimerman the four Ballads, Stefan Askenase maybe. It is striking that the performance of Blechacz radiates the passion and spontaneity we also find with Martha Argerich. There are between her vision of Chopin and of Blechacz similarities rather than differences to designate (which also applies to the combination Argerich / Abbado and Blechacz / Semkow). In the contrary Zimerman differs on other hand. Who lays, for example the two Chopin concerts of Zimerman beside that of Blechacz. Zimerman, encounters with a less developed pregnant rhythmic foundation and the phrasing more thematic and less from the harmony thought: the fluid motion dominates. It is also evident that the Polish conductor Semkow, a veteran and tried and tested in this repertoire, for a less perfunctory orchestral accompaniment has secured over Carlo Maria Giulini; it is also fair to say that the RCO is just a better orchestra than the Los Angeles Philharmonic in those days. Which it is the duty of each conductor to invigorate colourfully the rather flat orchestral part. We may now are fortunate that the entire introductory orchestral exposition is played: previously that severely curtailed, even into the seventies.

And Lang Lang? There is an unbridgeable gap between his yawns to the sentimental, extrovert trending performance and how Blechacz conforms to the evolving drama and lyricism in music. Blechacz has also better, if you wish, a larger image of the musical structure, and that works out accordingly. Where Blechacz explores the heart, the core , Lang Lang stays - it is the consequence of his approach - on the outside. Blechacz takes the glove that fits immediately. With Lang Lang it is alternately a size too big or too small. Pregnant harmony changes never miss when he Blechacz plays towards them, they are so enlightened that the expressive character of the music reaches a higher dimension. That's not artificial or imposed, but is part of the natural flow that Blechacz constantly maintains. Stylistic similarities obtrude the grandiose performances of Youri Egorov, who died much too early. We are in the house of the poet. Blechacz 'Chopin is of the calibre to live with, and thus all is summarized. We are fortunate that 'his' sound was captured so beautifully by the DG engineers
DG has more young pianistic irons in the fire: the Canadian-Polish Jan Milosz Lisiecki, only eighteen, but here and been named one of the greatest piano talents and an English music magazine to 'Young Artist of the Year'. We will undoubtedly go see and hear! Closer to home are the brothers Jussen which may rejoice in the interest of the yellow label two talents that have been severely do speak of and which we will also pay attention. All in the right time, so to speak.

The review written in Dutch has been translated into English by Jan, a music fan in the Netherlands, one of "the passionate few" who deeply love Blechacz's interpretation.  Many thanks to Jan ♫ ♫

Blechacz has another passionate fan in Rome.  A few days ago, I noticed that a review of his appearance in Rome recital this May, written by Deborah who loves music and arts and writes about Blechacz's performances in Rome on her website in the past few years, has been quoted on his official website. 

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Nov 2, 2013

A collection of Chopin interpretations

From a Dutch website titled, "Basic collection of classical music", you can read a brief history of excellent Chopin interpretations and hear their fragments.

** audio files of interpretations by
Krystian Zimerman (concerto), Maurizio Pollini (Etudes), Maria Joao Pires (Nocturne), Martha Argerich (op28-16), Alfred Cortot (op28-1), Rafał Blechacz (op53 & op28-24), Dinu Lipatti (Waltz), Artur Rubinstein (Polonaise & Ballad)...

The website caught my eyes with the picture of Blechacz's CD "Polonaises" (I thought it is a review article) and gives an  interesting condensation of a wealth of different interpretations.

Oct 31, 2013

From Spanish website

From a Spanish site introducing Blechacz's album "Chopin Polonaises"

El Corte Ingles

".....Rafał Blechacz reaches the deepest in the heart of these seven pieces which constitute the disc....

Blechacz captures and communicates the character of scores of his compatriot Chopin identified with his homeland. Pride, vulnerability and energy magically give way to the lyrical warmth, tonal strength and coloration of the brilliant scores. The elegance with which this young pianist deals with the seven Polonaises of Chopin is masterful, full of emotion and sublime poetry contained in the composer's notes. The famous "Polonaise Fantaisie" and No. 6 "Heroic" are included in the CD."

Oct 28, 2013

BBC Radio3 evaluates Blechacz's CD "Polonaises"

BBC Radio3
Your can hear the program for the next week.

The comment on his "Polonaises" begins at 02:18:37.
"A pretty fantastic pianist".
"The disc justifies his reputation as Chopin player"

** A deep appreciation to Naoko Goto, a music journalist living in London, for the info♪
Ms.Goto wrote an article for the concert booklet of Blechacz's Japan Tour 2007 about his debut recital at Wigmore Hall.  This article was one of the reasons why I became a fan of Blechacz's piano.

Oct 24, 2013

Voices of admiration on his album "Polonaises" (Japan, continued)

Sometimes an album which didn't leave a strong impression at first listening could make an appealing on the second run.  Rafał Blechzc's "Polonaises" emerged in this manner. For me the sound of this album is a little different from my image of typical DG's piano. The recording engineer is Rainer Maillard whom I privately believe belongs to the "acoustic faction" of DG's engineers. Richly involving acoustics of the performance space, the sound of the instrument is bright, unconstrained, full of unique charm. The high level of clearness and transparency of the sound matches up to today's requirement.  It's fascinating and for me this is the best disc of this month.
(Kazuo Kanzaki for "Record Geijutsu (=art, music), November 2013, on the page of "Excellent recording sound")

The interpretation is ideal, well balanced in intellect, emotion and volition.
(Tadashi Isoyama, musicologist, Professor, Kunitachi College of Music)

Last month, Takaakira Aosawa, a sought-after music journalist, authored a book "30 Pianists of Today - Arias and Variations" in which, based on his exposure to interpretations by many pianists and journalistic activities including interviews, he selected 30 distinguished pianists since 1960's.  Rafał Blechacz is one of the 30 pianists.

Selected pianists are: Maurizio Pollini, Martha Argerich, Daniel Barenboim, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Bruno Rigutto, Valery Afanassiev, Radu Lupu, Mitsuko Uchida, Murray Perahia, Peter Serkin, Krysteian Zimerman, Zhu Xiao-Mei, Mikhail Pletnev, Kazune Shimizu, Ivo Pogorelich, Piotr Anderszewski, Leif Ove Andsnes, Alexandre Tharaud, Peter Jablonski, Hélène Grimaud, Fazil Say, Till Fellner, Paul Lewis, Pierre-Laurent Aimard, Evgeny Kissin, Dejan Lazic, Andreas Staier, Rafał Blechacz, Yuja Wang, Aldo Ciccolini

Aosawa is quite popular for his in depth analysis of each artist and beautiful Japanese expression.  He interviewed Blechacz a few times when he came to Japan.
An example of interview (2006)

Oct 22, 2013

October 21

For fans of Rafał Blechacz and all music lovers, Oct.21 remains a special day, though eight years have already passed.

With our heartiest congrats and gratitude to the great pianist.

A few years later with Antoni Wit.
I'd like to pay tribute to the great Polish conductor, too.
It was reported that the concert at this year's Proms was his last concert as the artistic director of the Warsaw Philharmonic, but Mr. Wit stays active by, for example, conducting Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

Feb. 2010 Chopin's birthday
May, 2012 Prague Spring

Oct 21, 2013

Review of CD "Polonaises" (Denmark)

Original review 

Google translate (English)

Voices of admiration by his fans and journalists on his "Polonaises" (Japan)

Some comments on Blechacz's album "Polonaises" that I came across in Japan by both music journalists and the public.

** The  other day I stopped by Yamano Music shop and heard a wonderfully refreshing performance of "Military Polonaise" played through the shop's speaker.  It was played at faster pace compared to the performances by Rubinstein or Pollini that I'm familiar with, but there was nothing frivolous.  Rather I felt something solid and the music, brilliantly, reached straight to the depth of my heart.  Who is playing this?  Rafał Blechacz.  Very impressive that we still have such a young man these days.

** The latest album "Chopin Polonaises" by Blechacz has quite an impact.  He plays so energetic that the interpretation may break down my image of Blechacz or even the preconception of Polonaises. I straightened up and listened with respectful attention to the Polonaise No. 5, my favorite piece.  It's really impressive that he has been growing so steadily.
His stock rose sharply with this disc.  I'm going to listen to his past recordings again.
(Yasushi Tanaka, Chief Editor of Monthly "Bravo".)

** Blechacz's Chopin disc sells very well.  Actually I love this CD.  Come to our listening booth.
(a sales associate of Tower Records, Hiroshima)

** At last I have the Polonaises by Blechacz delivered to me.  Now I'm listening to it.   Very impressive.  Why does it sound so refreshing? I'm so excited as if I'm listening to these pieces for the first time.

** Every time I listen to him, I'm impressed by further growth and depth added to his interpretation.  His unparalleled talent, effort and study can be felt when his music sinks deeply into my mind.  Polonaise Fantasie is especially impressive and his deep respect for his home country and Chopin is inferred.  His peculiar quietness, thoughtfulness and intelligence encompass all the pieces and thanks to him, we can feel the highly difficult works closer to us.

(Yoshiko Ikuma, music journalist, contributing to Nikkei, the biggest economic daily.  She wrote another short review of Blechacz's CD for Ongaku-no-tomo, a music monthly)

** The new recording of Blechacz is wonderful as I expected ♪ So far I didn't have an opportunity to hear all the Polonaises on one disc, so I have a taste for each Polonaise and the spirit of Poland comes heavily on my heart.  I'm looking forward to listening to his interpretations live ✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺

Rafał Blechacz will give four recitals in December this year in Japan.  The recital in Musashino Civic Cultural Hall, Tokyo was sold out on the day of ticket release last month and Tokyo Opera City Hall was sold out on Sunday.  Another two venues are in Yokohama and Saitama, all in the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area.  Quite a few fans will attend the concerts coming from other cities than Tokyo, including the author of the last comment above.  Another fan in Okinawa said, "It could be my first and last experience of his live performance".  Actually it takes more time to come from Okinawa than from Korea.  I understand how she feels.

Oct 20, 2013

Japanese critic praises Blechacz's album "Chopin Polonaises" (2)

A review written by Tsutomu Nasuda, for Record Geijutsu (=music, art), November 2013.

Blechacz has returned back to Chopin.  And to my surprise, he's changed.  He now asserts himself more clearly and has deepened emotional expressions.  Probably it is because of the type of repertoire but there is more.  Eight years have already passed since he won the Chopin Competition and I guess during this period he's accumulated experiences and matured with age.  Personally I loved the way he interpreted Chopin -something fragile, not self-assertive, and still full of lucidity and transparency.

In the latest album of "Polonaises," apparently his Polish soul has been ignited.  We can read it from his words quoted on the liner notes.  Blechacz says, "Chopin lived in an age which, politically speaking, was extremely difficult to Poland, and this is clearly reflected in his works. It was one of the most powerful sources of inspiration behind his polonaises and mazurkas.  The heroic atmosphere of his polonaises stems from this, and his love of his homeland is plain for us to hear.  And yet his music is absolutely universal".

In Polonaise No.2 in C minor, Blechacz extracts rough and gloomy atmosphere, and tragic emotions from the piece.  The same applies to Polonaise No.5 in F sharp minor.  The terrifying theme at the beginning.  Then the expression of brilliant sense of exaltation, the song of delight.  The contrast of dynamics is striking and dramatic.  That he's acquired strength and depth in expression means that he's getting matured as pianist.  But I cherish a memory of the interpretation in his early years, too.

Tsutomu Nasuda wrote about Blechacz and interviewed him several times.  An example.

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Oct 19, 2013

Japanese critic praises Blechacz's album "Chopin Polonaises" (1)

A review written by Jiro Hamada, for Record Geijutsu (=music, art), November 2013, which gives Blechacz's CD "Chopin Polonaises" the status of "specially selected disc".


The new album by Rafał Blechacz reveals his true value as the "superlative Chopin interpreter".  The album was recorded in Hamburg in January 2013 and contains seven primary Polonaises.  For him, a native to Poland and the undisputed winner of the 15th Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2005, held in his mother country, the recording should be a "rite of passage" or even a "duty"of especially profound meaning and grave responsibility.  How the Polonaises mean in the realm of Chopin's music - Rafał takes it seriously, and stands proudly upright the "rite", believing in his own power.  The dependable and adorable young man!
Polonaise No.1, op. 26-1, the first piece, heralds a great impetus, full of fervent spirit stemming from his glowing soul. The rhythm and tempo have immeasurable significance.  Not limited to the first piece, he keeps phrasing relatively long in all the subsequent Polonaises, and in each he propels himself forward like a swimmer.  He doesn't take unnecessary breath.  This is the best way to express the single-mindedness of Chopin, his love for his country Poland, which is emphasized by Blechacz's single-minded pursuit of Chopin's music.

<<Polonaise Fantasie>>!  Dream, aching nostalgia and the determination to step forward powerfully -how Blechacz expresses the path of emotions, following the true picture of Chopin is exceptionally wonderful.  No doubt that this disc will be remembered as one of the best-of-the-best recordings for touching the essence of Chopin's music.

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Oct 17, 2013

in memory of Fryderyk Chopiin, Oct. 17

Pleyel, no. 14810, on which Fryderyk Chopin
composed during the last two years of his life 

↑ Nocturne in C sharp minor (posthumous) by Rafał Blechacz from his recital in Brussels, 2010.

Oct 15, 2013

Mezzo TV broadcasts concert at Tonhalle

(This news is for subscribers of Mezzo TV.)
Mezzo TV broadcasts the concert at Tonhalle, Zurich of Feb. 27, 2013,

on Oct. 14, 15, 16, 18, 28, 30, Nov.12, 18 and 21. (See Mezzo TV website for detail)

Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, Michael Sanderling (conductor)
Rafał Blechaz (piano)
Hector Berlioz   Le Corsaire, overture
Ludwig van Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 2
Piotr Ilitch Tchaikovsky  Symphony no. 4
Recorded at the Tonhalle, Zürich, on 27th February 2013

Mezzo TV program page

How to receive Mezzo
Mezzo is France-based cable TV channel and viewable in about 40 countries listed on this page, mainly in Europe, with some viewing fees.  If you want to be a subscriber, use pull down menu to find relevant TV operators of your country.

** 日本では原則視聴できません。

M. Sanderling replaced D. Zinman at Tonhalle

CD tips on Main Post

"If a Pole plays Polonaises".

Oct 12, 2013

Review of "Chopin Polonaises", Germany

Review of  Blechacz's album "Chopin Polonaises", written by Christoph Schlüren, posted on

The author gives ten on a scale of one to ten in all the categories; artistic quality, sound quality and overall impression.

Review on

Oct 8, 2013

Blechacz on his CD "Chopin Polonaises"

Polish version! (Posted 15:00 (CET) Oct.9. They should have posted it earlier! (`_´)

Review by James Bash posted on Northwest Reverb (Oct. 4)
on Portland recital, Sept. 30.

Oct 6, 2013

Review of Choin's Concerto in F minor with Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham

Choin's Concerto in F minor with Alabama Symphony Orchestra (Conductor: Maximiano Valdes) @Alys Robinson Stephens Performing Arts Center, Birmingham.

Original review

By Michael Huebner

dynamic young pianist star in inspired Alabama Symphony concert 

For Chopin's Piano Concerto No. 2, Valdés yielded the spotlight to the dynamic young Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz, whose career is soaring in the wake of competition victories and a prestigious recording contract. The concerto is notoriously bland in its orchestral accompaniment, and until Blechacz's entry about three minutes into the piece, the orchestra was more prosaic than brilliant. Blechacz, an impetuous virtuoso, jump-started the work with fire and flash, Valdés and company at times left in the wake of Blechacz's blazing technique.

 With the Larghetto movement came an about face, Blechacz continuing to provide a radiant sheen, dreamy lyricism, and cascading turns, scales and trills. The orchestra responded with a lustrous backdrop. The Allegro Vivace finale sparkled with grace, wit and buoyancy, Blechacz picking up the pace with a dazzling display of chromatic scales and arpeggios.

Blechacz acknowledged the standing ovation with an encore, Chopin's short but sweet Prelude in A major.

Oct 4, 2013

Alabama Symphony Orchestra on twitter/FB

Picture of rehearsal in Birmingham.

"...Rafal Blechacz sounds like the most inspired Chopin pianist alive."(Pierre Ruhe, Director, ASO's Artistic Administration)

On Sept. 21, the President of Poland Bronisław Komorowski decorated Krystian Zimerman with Order of Polonia Restituta, one of the highest honors to be given for achievements in education, science, culture, art, national defense, etc...In the ceremony, Zimerman said that he came to Poland to celebrate 100th anniversary of Witold Lutosławski's birth, and personally to meet and thank Prof. Andrzej Jasinski who began to teach Zimerman for the first time 50 years ago. He played the Piano Concerto by Lutosławski on the following day in Warsaw. (Conductor: Jacek Kaspszyk, the new Artistic Director of Warsaw National Philharmonic Orchestra, succeeding Antoni Wit.)

Gazeta Wyborcza

Prof. Jasinski is also present at the ceremony.

On this occasion of coming to Poland, Zimerman gave  a news conference  in which in relation to the planned release of his live performance of Lutoslawski's concerto with Berliner Philharmoniker and Rattle from DG, he said,  "Rafał should play Chopin. That's his music and he has a great feel for it.  (I'm old and I'll play the last three sonatas by Beethoven)".

Oct 2, 2013

Interview and review (audio) (Polish)

Interview with Rafał Blechacz in Berlin, recorded by Polish Radio Magazine in Germany just before his performance at Berliner Philharmonie on Sept. 22.

Interview (Polish)
Please scroll down.  RB's interview is about 15th from the page top.
He talks about approach he takes to recording Polonaises and playing Schumann's concerto vs Chopin's, according to a Polish-American gentleman.

Video of TVP program "Weekly Culture" where critics discuss RB's new CD "Chopin Polonaises".

TVP website (Polish)
The subject about RB begins at about 10 min. after the beginning.
One of my acquaintances in US said that he can't watch this video.  Probably restriction is out there.

Wherever he goes, to European countries outside of Poland, US, Canada....., Blechacz is always welcomed and surrounded by people from Polish communities  who love his music and feel proud of him.  Recently more than half of the accesses to this blog are from US.  I think there are many among the visitors who can understand these Polish audio programs.  In my country there is no Polish community equivalent to those in the Western countries.  But quite a few fans of Blechacz have been learning Polish language, in order to greet and talk to him (if there is an opportunity at concerts).  Incredible..! And some of them have extended the purpose of learning this beautiful but difficult language so as to read Chopin's letters in Polish.  It's really incredible.

Sep 30, 2013

Bonus track

I don't remember if I posted about it (probably not); RB's album "Chopin Polonaises" has "Chopin's Waltz Op. 34-2" as a bonus track which is available from iTunes Store and other on-line shops in many countries.  Usually you need to buy the entire album to get the bonus.

All the albums that he released for Deutsche Grammophon has a bonus track, buyable on-line.

1 Chopin Mazurka Op. 50-1  (Chopin Complete Preludes)
2 Mozart Sonata in C major k.545 1st movement  (sonatas-haydn, mozart, beethoven)
3 Chopin Mazurka Op. 17-4  (Chopin Piano Concertos)
4 Debussy "clair de lune"  (Debussy Szymanowski)

Sep 29, 2013

From Deutsche Grammophon FB

Rafał Blechacz plays Polonaise No. 4, op.40-2.


September 29 is a celebration of St. Archangel Raphael, Rafał Blechacz's patron saint, in Poland.  He now is in Portland.  Last year on his name's day, he was in Germany; in 2010, in play music for his fans.
We wish him another great success in US.

Sep 28, 2013

Interview as preview of recitals in Portland, Oregon

A preview article of R. Blehcacz's recitals on Sept. 29 and 30 at Lincoln Hall, Portland, Oregon, written by JANA HANCHETT, posted on Oregon Artists Watch.

Original preview and interview
"In Chopin’s Shadow: Portland Piano International brings Polish sensation Rafał Blechacz"

Polish-Japanese edition of "Chopin Polonaises", Poland

I learned from a friend of mine in Poland that Polish-Japanese edited CD "Chopin Polonaises" by R. Blechacz has been sold in Poland.


The CD jacket and liner notes are written in both Polish and Japanese.  A good treat to both of us!!

Blog post by my friend in Poland (Japanese)
You can see some pictures of the bilingual edition.

From Poland to Portland

Portland Piano International on twitter
Blechacz is now in US!

Sep 27, 2013

Schumann concerto in Prague and Berlin

The concert with Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin (Conductor: Cornelius Meister) in Prague.
"The third movement.....ensemble as a sunny day somewhere in the Mediterranean...."

And from Klassikakzente
At Berliner Philharmonie, Blechacz played Beethoven for an encore and then gave sign to a long line of audience members.

Sep 25, 2013

Review of "Chopin Polonaises", Italy

A nice review posted on PIANOSOLO, written by Gaetano Roberto.

Original review

Another beautiful review of the concert in Berlin by DSO + R. Blechacz + C. Meister, written by Corina Kolbe

Original review

"Since the pianist Rafał Blechacz won the Chopin Competition in Warsaw in all categories, his name remains linked to the great compatriot. Even in the "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" in A minor by Robert Schumann, performed in Berlin with the Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester DSO under the baton of Cornelius Meister, you recognize the paramount elegance and lightness of some of his interpretations of Chopin. Of the two souls that dwell in the chest of Schumann, Blechacz seems rather embody the dreamer "Eusebius," as opposed to the swaggering "Florestan". Very expressive cadenza in the first movement "Allegro affectionate" was played with great freedom and virtuosity. Also the beginning of the second movement "Intermezzo - Andantino grazioso", with the gentle melody of the piano supported by the strings, marks one of the particularly happy moment of the concerto. The soloist, already in an intimate dialogue with the winds in the first movement, during the execution comes closer and closer, familiar with the orchestra."

This is a review of the concert in Berlin by DSO + R Blechacz + C. Meister, written by Matthias Nöther, posted on

Original review

And in US, the new album was officially launched.  Congrats, to his US fans ♡
From Deutsche Grammophon FB

Sep 24, 2013

Review of the DSO's Berlin concert

Review of the concert by DSO at Berliner Philharmonie on Sept. 22, with a focus on the young maestro, Cornelius Meister.  The last paragraph is about Rafał Blechacz, his interpretation of Schumann's piano concerto.

Original review on Berliner-zeitung

"And finally, the Piano Concerto by Robert Schumann - I seldom heard this piece at the Philharmonic so bright and full of details and at the same time sonorous, as under the hands of Rafał Blechacz,  whose designation as a young pianist, even eight years after winning the Chopin Competition is still fully justified. Blechacz's rubato playing has a breathtaking stunning supremacy for his ability to use tempo and time, his touch strikes infinitely delicate vibrations of emotion, and the relationship between piano and orchestra is filled with constant feedback".

(Translated by Jan Zum Vörde.
Lots of thanks to Jan! (๑•ᴗ•๑) When I get stuck, very often he extends me helping hands, especially when there are very important articles about RB from e.g. Amsterdam, Hamburg, etc..., in a way not giving me any additional burden.)

Blechacz first played with Meister
in 2010, if I remember.

Rafal Blechacz FB (as of Sept. 24) also posted the review.
"A great response from the audience and the press to Rafal's concert with Cornelius Meister and the Deutsche Symphonie-Orchester in Berlin last Sunday! Read below a review from the Berliner Zeitung: "Blechacz's rubato playing and his control of measure and timing are breathtakingly confident and with his touch, he knows how to express the most subtle emotional vibrations."

Review of new album "Chopin Polonaises", Aargauer Zeitung

Review of Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises", published by Aargauer Zeitung (Baden edition) on Sept. 20.  It gives the album five stars.

Jugend triumphiert
Wie anders doch das sechs Jahre ältere Junggenie Rafal Blechacz! Das Auftreten bescheiden, die Triumphe aber nicht weniger monumental. Nach dem Gewinn des berüchtigten Chopin-Wettbewerbs in Warschau im Jahr 2005 hat er der Klassikwelt gelassen bewiesen, welch grosser Pianist er ist, welch reifer Künstler er werden wird. Auch dank vielen Rückzügen in die Stille, in den Proberaum. Die Deutsche Grammophon gönnt Blechacz bloss alle zwei Jahre eine Aufnahme. In der neusten zeigt er einmal mehr, wie sensibel er sich in die Musik – diesmal in die Polonaisen – seines Landsmannes Frédéric Chopin einhört, wie klug er deren Höhepunkte findet, wie klangsinnlich er sie geniessen kann, wie entschieden sie tönten. Blechacz verleiht ihnen durch seine Wahrheitssuche einen revolutionären Geist. Die triumphalen Stücke durchtanzt er rauschhaft, und doch bleibt am Schluss sein Kopf klar. Faszinierend. CHRISTIAN BERZINS

Answer the quiz to get RB's autographed CD "Polonaises".

from Universal Germany
Question: What is RB's first Chopin recording?
(Etudes, Preludes, Nocturnes). (*゚▽゚*)

Sep 23, 2013

Webradio broadcast : Schumann Piano Concerto

The concert of Deutsches Symphonie Orchester Berlin (Piano: Rafał Blechacz, Conductor: Cornelius Meister) at Berliner Philharmonie on Sept. 22 will be broadcast by Deutschlandradio Kultur,

on September 29, 20:03 (Germany local time)

Dradio Kultur website

** Please be reminded that the planned broadcast is subject to change/cancellation without prior notice.

** Many thanks to Mr.Jan Zum Vörde and his family from the Netherlands for sharing with us the news of the broadcast. (๑•ᴗ•๑)

Philharmonie Berlin
Aufzeichnung vom 22.09.2013

David Philip Hefti
"Changements", Stimmungsbilder für Orchester

Robert Schumann
Konzert für Klavier und Orchester a-Moll op. 54

Johannes Brahms
Sinfonie Nr. 2 D-Dur op. 73

Rafał Blechacz, Klavier
Deutsches Symphonie-Orchester Berlin
Leitung: Cornelius Meister

Sep 20, 2013

Review of Blechacz's "Chopin Polonaises" - The Telegraph

Geoffrey Norris of The Telegraph highly evaluates Blechacz's new album.
He gives five stars.

"Rafał Blechacz reaches to the heart of the seven works in this programme, his expressive personality finding a compelling accord with Chopin’s own, says Geoffrey Norris".

Original review on The Telegraph

"Strength, depth, tenderness, warmth:a vast range of colours in Rafal Blechacz's new CD of Chopin's polonaises..."

Blechacz gives autograph at Berliner Philharmonie, Sept. 22

Rafal Blechacz will play Schumann Piano Concerto with Deutsche Symphonie Orchester Berlin (Conductor: Cornelius Meister) at Berliner Philharmonie, on Sept. 22, 20:00.
During the intermission, Blechacz will give autograph on his new CD "Chopin Polonaises", Klassikakzente and Universal Music Germany say.

Program pate at Berliner Philharmoniker

Concert pamphlet (PDF)

Blechacz signing at Berliner Philharmonie in Dec. 2008, his debut in Berlin.

Sep 19, 2013

From Deutsche Grammophon FB

Sep 17, 2013

Interview on "Polonaises" by (English)

Interview on "Polonaises" by (English)

The Polonaise According To Blechacz

"(.....) Of course I recorded it in a studio. In the same studio that I recorded the first album Chopin Preludes. The instrument was picked from the concert hall in Hamburg almost without thinking. The wide tonal volume articulates all the critical climaxes so important to polonaise, and the songs sound very nice on that piano. Also, the typical lyrical parts come out very beautifully. I had the opportunity to find different shades, colours and sounds with this piano (.....)"

Original interview in Polish 


Art and Business
with reference to reviews in London, SF and by Gramophone.


What to say when a virtuoso plays genius? You can only hear. (a Polish site)

Sep 16, 2013

German media introducing Blechacz's album "Polonaises"


Matured and unassailable
"It has been always clear that he is the best among the best….. Now he has matured. Chopin Polonaises speak more than anything he has ever played in his concert at the Schwetzingen Festival. Sonically unassailable, Blechacz from a country that he knows well, let an era resurrected, which is among the greatest in the history of music, and all this tells of course high virtuosity, with homogeneous tempo rubato, free, romantic and just incredibly beautiful".

Polish media introducing Blechacz's Polonaises


The article refers to UK Gramophone's review on Blechacz's performance in Washington DC (Feb. 2010) and his CD "Chopin Piano Concerti",

"(.....) In the recital hall, with most of the distractions of life kept at bay, Blechacz’s playing was a revelation. The clarity, the finesse, the discipline with tempo and dynamics and the maturity of it was striking…. . His musicality flourishes in the right repertoire, under the right conditions….. He is studious, in the best sense, searching and probing, but always within the confines of the text…. He isn’t searching for Chopin the young showman of Chopin the craftsman of perfect Parisian miniatures. He is interested in the Polish Chopin, and in this bicentennial of the composer’s birth, it’s good to hear from a young Pole on the subject…".

as well as his interview for Rzeczpospolita.

"(.....) Polonaise must remain polonaise, besides, I always thought to put myself behind the composer, and that has not changed. I'm a musician, for whom the most important is what he wrote, regardless of whether he left us more or less freedom of interpretation (.....)"

Sep 15, 2013

Interview on Rzeczpospolita

A tentative English translation of the interview that R.Blechacz gave to Jacek Marczyński, posted on Rzeczpospolita on Sept. 9, the previous day of the release of his new album "Chopin Polonaises".

The new CD by Rafał Blechacz will premiere tomorrow. Not surprisingly, the Pole proves that he entered into mature age - says Jacek Marczyński .

Blechacz’s new album remains in the range of Chopin's music. He recorded Chopin’s seven polonaises composed between 1835 and the year 1846. Among them are the most famous, almost immortal hits: Polonaise in A major and Polonaise in A flat major.

- That's right - says " Rz " Rafal Blechacz
- However, there aren't many CDs of Chopin’s complete polonaises . Artur Rubinstein recorded, for example, three at different times, recording the last one probably in 1967. And in the catalog of Deutsche Grammophon, you can find only the recording made by Maurizio Pollini 37 years ago.

This is the third Chopin CD that Rafał Blechacz publishes from Deutsche Grammophon.
 - I know the repertoire doesn’t surprise anyone - he admits.
 – I am a pianist who won the Chopin Competition. Admittedly, there were opinions that I may go away from this music for 10-15 years and then come back to it. This would be artificial. Chopin is always present in my life and I still include his works in recitals, in which I play Bach, Beethoven and Szymanowski.

About that competition, of course, he remembers it, but he has no time for recollection.
 - I am focused on expanding the repertoire for future projects - he adds. And he agrees with the opinion once expressed by Krystian Zimerman that it must take about seven years to break free from the burden of winning the competition.
 - After this period, a sense is obtained that the artistic life consists of concert activities for showing up in a different repertoire and styles, and logic leading career - says Blechacz .

He also says and I feel so that he plays in a way not to have a large ( controversial ) change compared with how he did it before.
 - Polonaise must remain polonaise, besides, I always thought to put myself behind the composer, and that has not changed. I'm a musician, for whom the most important is what he wrote, regardless of whether they left us more or less freedom of interpretation. Sometimes in a music, with the unchanged beauty given to us by the composer, it is much more difficult to include my own little beauty, personal emotions. This does not mean, however, that it is impossible. The path I have chosen is not playing something like this, if only it is different.

The biggest inspiration for me is the work itself and admiration of him. This is how I draw all the ideas of interpretation. It is the way sometimes maybe taking a little longer, but it allows you to discover the original executable solutions that are rooted in the work rather than in transient caprices or something against intention.

Although all these works have long been in the repertoire, the record was created slowly. The idea was crystallized in 2010, but then he found that entrance to the studio will be ready in about three years. He needed time to refine the polonaises on different stages under different acoustic conditions. The most important was that he wanted to present a dependable history.

- If I did not take any history lesson, reading texts by Mickiewicz, Norwid and Sienkiewicz, the interpretation of these works would have been completely different. In the Polonaise in F sharp minor, I can see - before mazurka in the middle section - marching troops. Then a short memory, reflection and sudden forte, which I always play here so that the column of soldiers is suddenly found in front of me. Then muting, but not so as to lose energy, but to create an impression of retreating army.  I don’t want to say that a pianist, who has no Polish root can’t interpret polonaise and mazurka, because the most important is personal sensibilities. But also it is our national spirit. I find Polish heritage in them.

He has many special memories of the Polonaise - Fantaisie.

- I started to play it very early, in 2006 - he says.
 - I remember the tour in Japan, I performed it in 12 recitals and I was under the impression that after each performance it was getting closer to me. It is impossible to record such an extraordinary piece without this stage experience. In the studio, you cannot create the atmosphere of concert. Sometimes, the house was so quiet that I felt that the audience entered the world of this music, which assured me that my interpretation was going to the right direction.

Several years ago, he discovered another passion besides music: philosophy. And he began studying at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń.

- Recently I made a small writing about the logic of a musical work, its importance for the interpretation on the basis of considerations of Roman Ingarden and German philosophers and musicologists – he said.

- This text will be published in "Ruch Filozoficzny (Philosophical Movement)." A scientific way for me to help. When concentrating on the logic of mazurka and polonaise, I could look at what I'm doing at the piano differently.

*** RB talked about the philosophical article that he wrote to be published by the prestigious paper of philosophy, during another interview to Japan Arts in May this year. He said the subject of his writing was related to Ingarden’s theory. He also said that recently he is reading books of Władysław Tatarkiewicz, another Polish Philosopher, though his theory is a bit different from Ingarden’s. Blechacz mentioned of “Way Through The Aesthetic”, as an example of the books by Tatarkiewicz.***

*** RB talked about the philosophical article that he wrote to be published by the prestigious paper of philosophy, during another interview to Japan Arts in May this year. He said the subject of his writing was related to Ingarden’s theory. He also said that recently he is reading books of Władysław Tatarkiewicz, another Polish Philosopher, though his theory is a bit different from Ingarden’s. Blechacz mentioned of “Way Through The Aesthetic”, as an example of the books by Tatarkiewicz.***

To a question of whether the scientific inquiry, however, may kill artistic spontaneity, he answers,

- Concerning this, it will be another part of my job; I’m writing about it. Freedom is not a thing that can be planned, it is as if writing in a piece of music; there are undefined places, which, for example, Ingarden points out with literary work. But there is something more that sometimes occurs during the concert: something metaphysical. At some point, we experience something completely unexpected, as in the arts it cannot be explained and named till the end. But in a sense, you can describe it, so I'll have a responsible job.

Studies combined with performances, which is not always easy.
 (explanation of his schedule in autumn)

- If I talk about myself that I am a mature pianist, it would sound immodest - he says.

- Certainly I'm more experienced than the time when I won the Chopin Competition. But at that time I was not "totally green" in my interpretations. Playing pieces in different halls and situations, however, gives me courage to stepping up various ideas of interpretation.  I hope you can hear it on the album.


There was a beautiful interview that RB gave to Jacek Marczyński on release of his previous album "Debussy Szymanowski".  This was one of the best articles in my impression on this album among lots of articles published in early 2012.

I'll welcome any suggestion/correction of this rudimentary English translation...thanks!

Sep 14, 2013

Interview on CD "Polonaises", Poland

interviewed by Filip Lech

News release by Polish Radio
"Virtuoso pianist Blechacz releases new CD"

Sep 13, 2013

Universal Music Poland

Universal Music Poland on Sept. 12
"Chopin's Polonaises already gold"

Review of album "Chopin Polonaises" on
"Arch-Polish Polonaises by Blechacz"

Registration needed to read the whole review.

Sep 12, 2013

Universal Music Italia

From Universal Music Italia on Sept. 11
11 Settembre 2013


Rafal Blechacz torna a registrare Chopin, il compositore grazie al quale si è affermato a livello mondiale vincendo la 15ª edizione del celebre Concorso Internazionale a Varsavia. Tra i premi speciali che la giuria gli assegnò ci fu proprio quello per la miglior esecuzione di una Polacca.

Questa incisione ci permette finalmente di ascoltare il formidabile pianista nelle 7 Polacche tra cui la “Militare”, l'“Eroica” e la “Polacca-Fantasia”.

Rafal Blechaz si esibirà all’Accademia di Santa Cecilia di Roma dal 30 novembre al 2 dicembre 2013.
Clicca sulla cover del CD e guarda il video di presentazione.

Polacce n. 1-7
Rafal Blechacz
CD 4790928
Deutsche Grammophon
Dall' 8 ottobre nei migliori negozi e in digitale 

Rafał Blechacz at Deutsche Grammophon

Sep 11, 2013

Gold disc status in Poland on the day of release

Deutsche Grammophon announcement on the release date, Sept. 10, 2013.

Polonaises take his native Poland by storm

Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz’s recording of Chopin Polonaises has gone Gold in Poland on the day of its release.
The recording features seven Polonaises, including the celebrated “Polonaise Fantaisie”. Blechacz has a winning way with this highly emotional, popular and poetic music and the new recording has been very keenly anticipated.
His last release, featuring Debussy and Blechacz’s compatriot Szymanowski, was named winner of the “Best Classical Album of the Year” at the Polish Fryderyk Awards and went Gold in his native country within a week of release in February 2012.
In 2008 he scooped “The Most Outstanding Polish Music Recording” at the Polish Fryderyk Awards for his recordings of the Chopin Préludes and won again in 2010 for his Chopin Piano Concertos.
A Spanish media reporting of the Gold.
What is written is very similar to DG's announcement.

Sep 10, 2013

Sep 9, 2013

Trailer of Rafał Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises" by Deutsche Grammophon

Watch and listen to trailer videos of Rafał Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises" produced by Deutsche Grammophon.


Polonaise No.1 op26-1

Polonaise No.3 op40-1

All the videos are available on DG's Rafał Blechacz official site.

Sep 8, 2013

From KDSchmid/Klassikakzente

Rafał Blechacz releases his new CD with works by Frédéric Chopin on September 6th. The Polish pianist recorded the Polonaises No. 1 to No. 7: „I feel very close to the music of Chopin. It gives us the possibility of expressing so many emotional shades. Melancholy, but also joy and energy.” The recording is released under Deutsche Grammophon (.....)

KDSchmid website

Die ganze Pracht - Rafał Blechacz spielt Chopins Polonaisen
Was für eine Kraft, was für eine Feinheit! Der Pianist Rafał Blechacz schafft es, den Bravourstücken seines Landsmanns Frédéric Chopin ein Höchstmaß an Ausdruckskraft abzugewinnen. Ein neuer Klassiker, eindeutig.

Klassiakzente website