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Jan 30, 2013

Cancellation of recitals in Japan

Rafał Blechacz’s recitals scheduled on Feb. 1, 2, 3 and 5 in Japan have been cancelled because of the artist’s illness with flu. All of his fans in Japan sincerely wish for his speedy and complete recovery.

Announcement by Japan Arts


  1. Hello, Akiko! I'm one of his Korean fan. I think I have visited this page and said hello to you several months ago, but I can't remember what nickname I told you so here I say hello to you again haha. Anyway I feel really sorry for him and his fans in Japan to hear that he had to cancel some of his recitals due to his illness. He promised to perform Bach, Chopin's works etc in next month in Korea I think you know as well, so many Korean fans have been excited for so long. But after hearing about his cancellation and illness, Korean fans started to worry about his health and recital,too. I sincerely hope he will recover his good health soon. And....I translated a little about Korean fan's reaction to Blechacz's recital news. You can see them all just click here:
    Sorry for my pathatic English! If there are any translations you don't understand, please let me know. Then Happy new year and I'll stop by soon again ~
    Always thanks for Blechacz's news!

  2. Thank you very much for visiting and leaving the comment and links to the Internet news about Rafał Blechacz in Korea. I knew how your guys were excited about his first appearance in Korea but now I understand better than before how passionately you have been looking forward to his first recital. Fans in Japan were shocked by the sudden news, we feel very sorry for him and wish for his speedy recovery. We would like him to feel better, restore energy and passion to play soon.

  3. Hello again, I'm upper Korean fan. I'm pleased to hear that my translation helped you understand Korean fan's passion for him better than before. I'm going to start to pray to God daily for Blechacz from today to recover soon and finish tour in Japan successfully without further cancellation.

  4. I'm so sorry to read that Rafał is ill. There are a lot of people who are ill wiht flu now in kujawsko-pomorskie (I know because I'm living there and I'm a little ill myself), but to think even Rafał... And I'm very sorry for Japanese fans; I imagine they must have been waiting for this concerts with a lot of excitement. I wish Rafał health, and for fans - that he can play for you as soon as possible!:)

  5. Hi thanks to comment.
    I've also been informed that there are many now in your country who suffer flu symptoms from a strong strain. I feel pain just imagining Rafal is confined in bed with flu.

    Yes yesterday on the announcement by the agency, Japanese fans were deep in shock, felt great compassion to him; and prevailing reactions were "prayer" offered to him for his quick recovery. We sincerely hope that he'll soon restore his health. That is the most important. He is young, has long years to go so we'll have another opportunity to hear him in the future.

    Let me cross my fingers for you. Take care and restore your wellness!

  6. Dear Rafal-san,
    How pity it is that you were infected with flu. I think you have been working very hard to be ready for recitals in Japan. Please allow yourself to a break, taking good rest to make a new start.
    With sincere appreciation to your beautiful music.
    Your fan

  7. Dear Rafal,
    I am very worried about you that you are down with influenza. I wish for your early recover from the illness.

    I am very sad that I can't attend at your recitals this February. But I hope,someday, you will appear on the stage with smile and sweep up to the piano and give fantastic performance in Japan again.

    Please have a good rest and exterminate influenza, now.
    After you recover from illness, please eat a lot.

    Tomoko ota

  8. I strongly believe that Rafał is going to recover quickly, regain his strenghts and soon he will make a visit to Japan & Korea; we all know that the listeners in Asia have a special place in his heart.

    For now, I am praying with you for good health for him and his beloved ones.

    Hugs from Poland,
    Marzena Jaworska

    1. Dziękuję bardzo; thank you very much for your thoughtfulness ♫ (as always).


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