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Jan 24, 2013

"Chopin Piano Works" by Rafał Blechacz to be released, Jan.30

CDs "Chopin Piano Works" by Rafał Blechacz will be released by Victor Entertainment Japan on Jan.30.  The pair of CDs is a renewal version of the CD "15th International Fryderyk Chopin Piano Competition".

Yoshiko Ikuma, a Japanese music journalist has written liner notes for the CDs.
She is one of the enthusiasts of Blechacz and has interviewed him many times.  She says in her blog,

"My favorite pianist Rafał Blechacz will come.  I'll be in Nantes in the first several days of February but  if possible I'd like to interview Blechacz after back to Japan."

"I listened to the recording when I received it from the publisher.  His performance touched my heart again.  And I want to hear it again.  I don't know why I never get tired of listening to his music..."

Victor Entertainment website ←Will be made available outside of Japan. Release date not yet decided.


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  2. I wish Rafał good health during the intensive tour days.

    Lang Lang was supposed to be here this week to give recitals, concertos, etc.. but he couldn't come because he reportedly suffers severe acute gastroenteritis.

    Following is what I wrote to my friend in US two years ago;

    "If you have a pianist that you deeply respect, whose sound is heavenly beautiful and matured, always returning to your heart, it is often difficult to hear other pianist playing. That's the problem that I've had for the past several years".

    Oh I also wish he'll play in China in the near future. Before that, enjoy his performances in US :))

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  4. Thanks to you for nice words to my "problem". In other music, orchestra for example, I'm more reasonably tolerant.

    I think Rafał knows what he wants to do and does that effectively. Maybe he will gradually & wisely expand geographical coverage, too.

    Yes news of the very cold weather from US has amazed me. Please take care!!


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