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Jan 31, 2013

Take a good rest, Rafał-san - messages from Japanese fans

Comments from fans via e-mail and tweets on news of cancellation of recitals by Rafał Blechacz in Japan.
(As of Jan. 29)

*To my regret, the recital was cancelled this time.  I'll save the good opportunity to next.  I wish Rafał-san a smooth and complete recovery.

* It's quite unfortunate as we've not seen him for a long time.  But I believe it is Rafał-san who is in the hardest time.  I want him to take his time and recover fully for his future.

* God bless you, Mr. Blechacz!

* Oh my goodness, he got flu! I've been looking forward to the recital, but he is a human so it can't be avoided.  Hope he'll take a sufficient rest.  I'll be waiting for his next appearance here.  Take care!

* I'm really sad but I would like him to take a nice long sleep.  I pray to him for a fast recovery.

* The Belechacz's recital I've been anxiously awaiting was cancelled.  It's regrettable but he is really suffering from flu symptoms unlike that guy who didn't come to Japan with a pretended sickness. He is a honest Pole, from the country I love.  Take care, Mr. Blechacz!

* Oh, no...! May I cry!? The recital by Blechacz was suspended....I've heard he is ill with flu (;_;) No! You stupid flu!

Rafał Blechacz @Yokohama, Oct. 2010 English translation

* I'm afraid the artist is in a more difficult time than we are. I'd seriously take his courageous and wise decision to heart. I think he will be able to think about the next plan for the future once he recovers from symptoms and feels better.  I can wait up till then.

* It's been announced that the remaining three concerts are in suspension.  Maybe it's impossible that these concerts are given.  Dear Blechacz-san...., it's serious if he gets worse by being pushed hard.  His health is the top priority.  I can wait until the next time.

* I completely forgot what I was supposed to do today.  Blechacz-san, take care and be better!

* Oh Blechacz!  What a pity! This silly flu~!

* I was planning to go to Blechacz's recital on Feb. 2 but I was informed of the cancellation due to his sickness with flu via e-mail and phonecall from the organizer.  Oh, what a regret. First I want him to recover and feel better....!

* OMG! Surprisingly (゚ロ゚) Blechacz got flu!  He is a human, the same as ordinary people..(゚O゚)

* The news of the cancellation of Blechacz's recital greatly shocked me.  Today I devoted myself to work, more seriously than usual and found that I made a better progress than usual.  Why?  My mother and I comforted each other and we've recovered from the shock o(^_-)O Now I'm in the mood to carry on, looking forward to his next visit to Japan in the future. I believe that Blechacz-san is more suffering than fans.

* I've been humbly and eagerly waiting for his recital, so it is really shocking.  But I would like to pray for Rafał so that he'll recover from illness as soon as possible and offer wonderful performances to his audiences around the world.

* Whaaaaaat? How pity it is! But I think it was by far the better that it happened while he was at home rather than he's already come to Japan and got sick(>人<;) Let me offer my best wishes for his complete recovery.

@Yokohama, Oct. 2010

* I was looking forward to listening to the authentic Szymanowski and Scherzo No.3, but no avail. Please take care and get better, Blechacz-san!

* I feel sympathy for Blechacz that he got flu (/ _ ; ) It's not yet clear if there is a recital in Kyoto next week but I don't want him to be forced to come and play.

* The recital by Rafał Blechacz that I'v been waiting for most anxiously this year was canceled because he has a case of influenza.  I strongly believe that he is the most precious crown-jewel in the world of piano.  All that I can do is to offer prayer to him for his complete recovery.  I do hope that he will live long to compensate the too short life of Chopin.

The concert hall of cozy atmosphere in the video is located in the suburbs of Yokohama-city, relatively small with 500 seats compared to big halls where Blechacz usually play (e.g. Suntory Hall: 2006 seats).  Usually photo-taking is prohibited during the autographic session. (e.g. @Tokyo Opera City Hall, Oct. 2010.)


  1. I'm reading it at 8a.m. and all these comments really cheered me up. You Japanese people like Rafał so much! I think he is more worried about cancelling the concerts he got to play for you, than about the flu alone:] And yesterday my sister was the witness of my behaviour, like:'Oh, I'm so sorry for Japanese people, they must have been waiting for this concerts, really~~' and such. I really hope that Rafał will recover soon (that awful influenza! >.<) and you are able to listen to him! My prayers are gone to heaven already and my fingers are crossed:)
    And Akiko-san, thank you for your last wishes!

  2. Thank you arillei-san. Nice of you! I know only several people from Poland - you, other fans of Rafał, Rafał and his family, etc..and all of them are so kind and friendly ♫ I believe everything will turn out for the best from a viewpoint of heaven.

  3. People from Japan are also very kind and polite, maybe that's why we get along so well:)
    Wish you a lot of positive impressions after the concerts, which, I'm sure, will take place soon:)

    1. Dziękuję bardzo, arigatou(#^.^#) 


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