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Feb 28, 2013

Beethoven in Tonhalle Zürich, excellent

On Feb. 27, Rafał Blechacz appeared at Tonhalle Zürich, to play Beethoven's 2nd piano concerto with Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich; conductor: Michael Sanderling, replacing David Zinman. He'll perform with the Orchestra five times until early in March.

"Rafał Blechacz played Beethoven's No. 2 with Tonhalle Zurich Orchestra under Michael Sanderling tonight. Excellent performance! Rafał was very enthusiastically received by the audience with a huge ovation and loud trampling with feet. To this enthusiasm Rafał responded by playing two encores."

program page

Feb 22, 2013

Rafał Blechacz nominated in two categories Fryderyk Award 2013

Rafał Blechacz has been nominated in two categories of Fryderyk Award 2013:

Artist of the Year and
Album of the Year - Polish album in foreign country for his recording "Debussy Szymanowski" from Deutsche Grammophon.

List of nominees for Fryderyk Award 2013
See Blechacz's name under
Najlepszy Album Polski Za Granicą.

Fryderyk Award is a Grammy Award of Poland, honoring excellent achievements in classical music, jazz and popular music.
Blechacz already received Fryderyk Award four times in the past.

Happy Birthday Frédéric Chopin

Frédéric Chopin (1 March or 22 February 1810 – 17 October 1849)

Muzyczna intuicja Blechacza, Feb. 22, 2010.
Blechacz plays Chopin's piano concerto in F minor.

Feb 20, 2013

Big applause at Kölner Philharmonie

On Feb. 19, Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at Kölner Philharmonie, his first recital of this year.

"Tonight at the Cologne Philharmonie Rafał played an excellent recital. After the first part there was a very long and intense clapping! And after the entire recital the ovation was huge, with a lot of people standing and clapping. Rafał played one encore".

Blechacz at Kölner Philharmonie, March 2009

Feb 15, 2013

Message from Rafał Blechacz to his fans in Japan & Korea

Rafał Blechacz sent his message to his audience in Japan to express his sorry for not fulfilling the planed recital tour via his management office.

Message on Japan Arts website (Japanese)

My Dear Japanese fans,

I can’t find an appropriate espression to describe how I’m feeling sorry that the entire Japan tour scheduled in February 2013 had to be cancelled. I caught the flu just two days before my departure to Japan. I had to spend quite a few days in bed and at long last have begun getting better. I am deeply grateful for your kind words of sympathy extended to me.

I think you were also very much disappointed. For me it was extremely regrettable that my heartfelt wish to play for the beloved Japanese fans was not fulfilled. At the same time, it’s a great honor to know that Japanese fans have such a major interest in my music.

I sincerely hope that my next Japan tour will be realized in the foreseeable future.

Rafał Blechacz

↑(He wrote his message in English but this is translated from Japanese translation.)
He also sent his message to his fans in Korea which was shown in the cancellation notice.

(.....) "Blechacz sent to us his message to express gratitude to Korean audience for having great interest in his planned recital and a deep apology for the disappointment and inconvenience that this cancellation will cause to the audience who were looking forward to the recital." (.....)

From tweets by his fans after the message was released.

* I was deeply moved by reading the direct message from Rafał-san, to the point of tears. I think he shares the same feeling as fans (/ _ ; )

* It touched me deeply. Sincerely hope that he can come here soon 〜 (*^^*) I’ve been waiting for his message ♪

* I was so worried that his case is very critical.

* I’m wondering if Blechacz-san is really recovering. Maybe his incoming concert schedule in Europe and America is too tight. I’m a little concerned if he could take enough rest (>_<)

* It’s my ardent hope that his tour will be realized in the near future!

* I think it was written in English and wish I could read the original text.  But even in Japanese translation, reading his message breaks my heart.  I'm wondering how he felt confined to bed at a time when he was supposed to play at Suntory Hall or Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall...

Feb 11, 2013

Thanks to the Pianist, the music is always out here.

Blechacz Single-minded Chopin

Until we see him again.

When I was choosing pieces played by Rafał, the innocently beautiful sound expelled all the anxiety in my mind. It’s the power of his piano that I believe no other pianist can emulate. I’m doing this blog for all the people to have an opportunity to know about him, about this sound.  Waiting for the day he's giving his music for his audience soon.
(Feb. 15 by Akiko)

Feb 1, 2013

Cancellation of Rafał Blechacz Japan Tour 2013 and a recital in Seoul, Korea

Japan Arts announced that the entire Japan Tour by Rafał Blechacz has been cancelled due to the illness with flu.

Announcement by Japan Arts (Japanese)

** Again let us offer our sincere prayer for his complete recovery.

**As for Korea, it seems that Seoul Arts Center has already disabled ticket selling process for the recital on Feb. 13 in Seoul.  (? Maybe there is an explanation that I can't find on the website.)

Cancellation notice of Blechacz's recital by Seoul Arts Center, dated Feb. 2.

I already had a contact with one of Korean fans via twitter and she said,

"....this was supposed to be his first recital in Korea... that makes me sad, but his condition comes always first, hope he gets well soon".