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Feb 6, 2013

A prayer from America

A tweet I received today from his fan in US.

"A favorite Chopin Prelude played by my favorite pianist on a favorite piano. Wish Rafał can get well soon".

"oh no! so you'll miss him? what a pity...hope he gets well soon!"(from a fan in Italy, received on Jan. 30)

"I was informed that Rafal is ill, my best wishes for him, I hope he recover soon. And I´m sorry for his fans in Korea :')" (from a fan in Spain, received on Feb. 3)

"We sincerely hope Mr. Rafał Blechacz will come and play in our hall again. The news of lingering high fever is worrying.  May he restore his health as soon as possible!" (an official of Saitama Arts Theater Concert Hall, received on Feb. 1)

** Yesterday on Feb. 5 when there supposed to be his recital at Suntory Hall, Tokyo, I saw many tweeting "I miss Rafał".

"Today I saw on your Facebook page and Preludia blog that Rafał is ill and has had to cancel his tour to Japan! I am so sorry. The flu this year has hit young people especially hard. I hope he is better now and recovering. Please give him best wishes from his friends in Minnesota."
 (Mary Sigmond, President, The Frederic Chopin Society, Minnesota, received on Feb. 8)

@St. Paul, Minnesota, Feb. 2011
Courtesy: Frederic Chopin Society

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