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Mar 11, 2013

Concert review in Hannover for Blechacz's Beethoven concerto with Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich

A review written by Jörg Worat on the concert of Rafał Blechacz and Tonhalle-Orchester Zürich, at Kuppelsaal im HCC: Hannover Congress Centrum, on March 7, posted on Mein-Unterlüß and Cellesche Zeitung (the same article.)

Original review on Mein-Unterlüß
and on Cellesche Zeitung

Tonhalle Orchestra with lively start without showy effect

Are there successors in the classical music, who focus more on the music than on a promotional image? In Kuppelsaal, it was certainly experienced twofold:  The Polish pianist Rafał Blechacz is already no longer a hidden secret, and because Lionel Bringuier conducted the Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich on behalf of sick David Zinman, the two artists, way before 30, held the reins that night. Around 1600 visitors however never had an impression of attending a musical kindergarten.

HANNOVER. Hector Berlioz's overture "Le Carnaval romain", you can approach it in a spirited or a balanced dynamic way or with both, which represents the most difficult task - Bringuier mastered it nonetheless and brought out quite a pleasant lively start without causing any showy effect. As for the composition here certainly something like the 2nd piano concerto by Beethoven has noticeably more depth, and Rafał Blechacz knew how to make it clear. The slender pianist is far away from any showy unnaturalness, for him only music counts, i.e. penetration instead of attitude. The piece stands between tradition and autonomy and Blechacz fully meets exactly this character. His touch is remarkably clear, since each tone remained clearly identifiable even in fast-paced passages. The pianist never turned the thunder-god out, rather shows in the 2nd movement and above all towards the end, how much he takes back and thus can just increase the intensity, while being in the best harmony with the conductor Bringuier, as there was a remarkably harmonic interplay performed between the soloist and the orchestras at all. So beautiful is the ability of making music in a subtle way, however - the finale would have tolerated an additional pinch of pepper. For an encore, Blechacz chose the composer whose interpretations he is first and foremost known for: Chopin. Again no superficial bravura piece, performed even more lingering, as it was veiled.

 (Johannes Brahms' first Symphony....)

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