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Apr 29, 2013

Review of Blechcz's recital, Washington Post

Review of Blechacz's recital at Kennedy Center, Washington DC, April 27.

Washington Post website

"(.....) In a program of Bach, Beethoven, Chopin and Szymanowski, he showed range, imagination and a winsome cheerfulness. (.....)"

"(.....) the high point on Saturday was the Beethoven Sonata Op. 10, No. 3. The opening movement burst with energy, barely pausing to breathe, but the grand “Large e mesto” opened out into an opera scena: whispered secrets, raging thunderbolts and welling grief. The Menuetto and Rondo were dispatched with puckish humor . (.....)"

**Facebook users can see some pictures of his recitals in US and feedbacks from audience members, contributed by his fans, on Rafał Blechacz Facebook, "Recent posts by others on Rafał Blechacz". Log on is requested.

Apr 26, 2013

Blechacz awarded Fryderyk 2013; Album of the Year

Rafał Blechacz received the Fryderyk 2013 award; Album of the Year, Classical Music for his album "Debussy Szymanowski" from Deutsche Grammophon.

Fryderyk 2013
list of laureates 

Apr 25, 2013

Blechacz's delicate art - recital review, SF

A wonderful review of Blechacz's recital in San Francisco, April 21, written by Kevin Chen, a pianist and a science student of UC Berkeley.

Blechacz's delicate art

I can't agree more with the author when he describes Blechacz's interpretation of 2nd movement of Beethoven's sonata, op.10-3.

Apr 24, 2013

Big performance in Vermont

On April 23, Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at MCA Concert Hall, Middlebury College, Vermont.

"Not a big hall but a big performance! After Chopin's Scherzo many in the audience rose with a big ovation of the entire house. At the end immediate standing ovation and endless applause. One encore".

program page

Apr 22, 2013

Standing ovation in SF - Blechacz staring US tour.

On April 21, Rafał Blechacz gave a recital Recital @Herbst Theatre, SF, the first recital in his tour in North America 2013.

"This afternoon Rafał Blechacz gave a recital at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. He was enthusiastically welcomed. After he finished his recital there was no end of the thunderous ovation, half of the public standing up from their seats! He thanked them with two encores."

program page

Rafał Blechacz's recital (Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, 2009) available by TV ARTE+7

The streaming service made the program available on Arte+7. (French)

Arte+7 (German)

My impression is that with the French version, we can hear his original talking in English clearer.

Apr 18, 2013

Rafał Blechacz interview for SF Examiner

Rafał Blechacz digs into Chopin — and more

SF Examiner

Interviewer: Elijah Ho

"(.....) I usually need a lot of time to be completely alone with a particular piece and its composer. I prefer a very quiet atmosphere and usually choose pieces that are very close to my heart and personality. I think the audience can definitely feel it (.....)

Apr 13, 2013

Rafał Blechacz answers questions - from Princeton University blog

Rafał Blechacz gave a phone interview for Princeton University blog.

Princeton University blog

PUC: If you were not a musician, what profession do you think you would have pursued?

RB: Well, as a child I absolutely loved the organ. I can remember going to the church and just being fascinated with the organ and of course Bach, so I think I would be an organist. As for a profession outside of music maybe a philosopher, but philosophy having to do with music. It would have to be a profession somehow connected to music (.....)

Apr 7, 2013

Rafał Blechacz's recital (Laeiszhalle, Hamburg, 2009) to be aired by TV ARTE

TV ARTE will broadcast Rafał Blechacz's recital (Laeiszhalle, Hamburg on October 6, 2009)

@18:30 (or 19:00) on April 21.

TV ARTE program page (German)
TV ARTE program page (French)

It is a rebroadcast of the program that was aired in March 2010.
See the pieces he played and interview he gave during the program.

The streaming is available from Arte+7

Apr 3, 2013

Rafał Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises".

From the cover of Rafał Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises".
Date of release is not yet finalized.

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Podcast: Rafał Blechacz plays Beethoven piano concerto No.2

The website of Orquestra Sinfónica de Euskadi made available the performance of Beethoven's 2nd piano concerto played by Rafał Blechacz.
Conductor: Joana Carneiro.

Recorded on March 21.

Website of Orquestra Sinfonica de Euskadi

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Apr 2, 2013

Webradio broadcast: Rafał Blechacz playing Beethoven's concerto 2, April 4

Reminder of webradio broadcast.

Radio SRF2 Kultur plans to broadcast the concert of Musikkollegium Winterthur (conductor:Douglas Boyd) on December 12 when Rafał Blechacz was a soloist to perform Beethoven's piano concerto No.2 with the orchestra.

Date: April 4, 2013, 20:00 (CET)

Radio SRF2 Kultur program site

** Please understand that the planned broadcast is subject to change/cancellation without prior notice.

↑Picture form a different concert...