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May 7, 2013

Concert in Detroit via Medici TV

The concert of Detroit Symphony Orchestra earlier this month when Rafał Blechacz played Chopin's concerto No.2 (conductor: John Storgårds) will be webcast by Medici TV,

@14:00 (Detroit local time, ET), May 7.

Medici TV website
The recorded performance is now in Medici TV archive, available for the next 90 days.

My special thanks to his fans (in Europe, US and Japan) who care about the artist and have been aware of the news.


  1. Thank you so much for the hint! Once I heard Blechacz playing the No.1 live. He interpreted it so simple and poetic, with no unnecessary sentimental attachment. Looking forward to the No.2 on Medici! Wish I could get a chance to listen to it live someday.
    A good news: Blechacz will be giving his solo concert in Stuttgart coming April. This time I won't miss it. His Rheingau concert in July is already sold out:-(

  2. Hi how are you?
    I've also heard his playing the concertos several times and it often impressed me that he is deeply immersed in the music he is making, still remaining objective to it with certain distance from it. He doesn't become sentimental but makes me emotional:) I bet you'll have another chance in April:D Sold out? So great are people of your country!

  3. Beautiful concert, it made me full of positive emotions for the rest of the day.
    And I just love Rafał's energy, which always makes him almost fall off the chair when he finishes the 3rd movement :)

  4. Yes it's superb. I'm very happy...


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