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Aug 31, 2013

From Klassikakzente/Universal Music Germany

You can hear fragments of all the Polonaises from R.Blechacz's new album on Klassikakzente and Universal Music Germany as well as on

Klassikakzente website

Universal Music Germany

** Like his other four albums from DG, this album "Chopin Polonaises" has a bonus track (Chopin Waltz op.34-2) that is made available on-line, according to German iTunes.  Trial listening is already made available, even from outside of Germany.


  1. It's so wonderful. Thank you. I'm looking forward to the Polonaise No.5.

  2. This is an amazing recording. Among other things, No.5 deeply touched me since we’ve had some opportunities to listen to other Polonaises by R. Blechacz, especially the mazurka in the middle part with development of after that (eg stretto) is reminiscent of beautiful landscape of Poland and Chopin’s emotional struggle and longing for his mother country. RB plays all the pieces with perfect accuracy and tempo (as always) and his perfection goes beyond the technique, as always.

  3. Everything in this video is heavenly beautiful! I'm fascinated...

  4. He has an awe-inspiring presence (๑╹◡╹๑).


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