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Aug 28, 2013

Listen! Polonaise op. 40-1 in its entirety

"Download a free track from Rafał Blechacz's forthcoming album of Chopin's Polonaises";
from Deutsche Grammophon Buzz Pre-release Material website

Click on the photo.  You can hear the entire performance of Polonaise op. 40-1
Registration with DG or log in Facebook needed.

Chopins music has an endless fascination and significance for Rafał Blechacz. 
I feel very close to this music. It offers us a chance to express so many different emotions of every shade and colour: not just melancholy but also joy and resolve. Chopin lived in an age which, politically speaking, was extremely difficult for Poland, and this is clearly reflected in his works: it was one of the most powerful sources of inspiration behind his polonaises and mazurkas. The heroic atmosphere of his polonaises stems from this, and his love of his homeland is plain for us to hear. And yet his music is absolutely universal.

KlassikAkzente and Universal Music Germany updated Rafał Blechacz official websites.

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