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Aug 22, 2013

You can hear Polonaise op.44, too

You can hear Polonaise op.44 as well as op. 26-1, 41-1, 53 and 61 from Universal Music Japan website.
Very impressive...pride in this music can be felt.

Universal Music Japan Rafał Blechacz
Click on dark the dark gray icon for each of five tracks.

from Amazon

DG news letter "Rafal Blechacz"

↓Fan's voices (from Japan)

"Blechacz's polonaise is in a different class of his own".
"Blechacz-san looks sweet with the green sweater".


  1. This is Rafal Blechacz. By him, and him alone, we can feel Chopin's soul. Thanks, Akiko-san!

  2. A nice pic! RB looks healthy and happy.


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