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Sep 16, 2013

Polish media introducing Blechacz's Polonaises


The article refers to UK Gramophone's review on Blechacz's performance in Washington DC (Feb. 2010) and his CD "Chopin Piano Concerti",

"(.....) In the recital hall, with most of the distractions of life kept at bay, Blechacz’s playing was a revelation. The clarity, the finesse, the discipline with tempo and dynamics and the maturity of it was striking…. . His musicality flourishes in the right repertoire, under the right conditions….. He is studious, in the best sense, searching and probing, but always within the confines of the text…. He isn’t searching for Chopin the young showman of Chopin the craftsman of perfect Parisian miniatures. He is interested in the Polish Chopin, and in this bicentennial of the composer’s birth, it’s good to hear from a young Pole on the subject…".

as well as his interview for Rzeczpospolita.

"(.....) Polonaise must remain polonaise, besides, I always thought to put myself behind the composer, and that has not changed. I'm a musician, for whom the most important is what he wrote, regardless of whether he left us more or less freedom of interpretation (.....)"

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