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Oct 2, 2013

Interview and review (audio) (Polish)

Interview with Rafał Blechacz in Berlin, recorded by Polish Radio Magazine in Germany just before his performance at Berliner Philharmonie on Sept. 22.

Interview (Polish)
Please scroll down.  RB's interview is about 15th from the page top.
He talks about approach he takes to recording Polonaises and playing Schumann's concerto vs Chopin's, according to a Polish-American gentleman.

Video of TVP program "Weekly Culture" where critics discuss RB's new CD "Chopin Polonaises".

TVP website (Polish)
The subject about RB begins at about 10 min. after the beginning.
One of my acquaintances in US said that he can't watch this video.  Probably restriction is out there.

Wherever he goes, to European countries outside of Poland, US, Canada....., Blechacz is always welcomed and surrounded by people from Polish communities  who love his music and feel proud of him.  Recently more than half of the accesses to this blog are from US.  I think there are many among the visitors who can understand these Polish audio programs.  In my country there is no Polish community equivalent to those in the Western countries.  But quite a few fans of Blechacz have been learning Polish language, in order to greet and talk to him (if there is an opportunity at concerts).  Incredible..! And some of them have extended the purpose of learning this beautiful but difficult language so as to read Chopin's letters in Polish.  It's really incredible.

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