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Oct 19, 2013

Japanese critic praises Blechacz's album "Chopin Polonaises" (1)

A review written by Jiro Hamada, for Record Geijutsu (=music, art), November 2013, which gives Blechacz's CD "Chopin Polonaises" the status of "specially selected disc".


The new album by Rafał Blechacz reveals his true value as the "superlative Chopin interpreter".  The album was recorded in Hamburg in January 2013 and contains seven primary Polonaises.  For him, a native to Poland and the undisputed winner of the 15th Chopin International Piano Competition in Warsaw in 2005, held in his mother country, the recording should be a "rite of passage" or even a "duty"of especially profound meaning and grave responsibility.  How the Polonaises mean in the realm of Chopin's music - Rafał takes it seriously, and stands proudly upright the "rite", believing in his own power.  The dependable and adorable young man!
Polonaise No.1, op. 26-1, the first piece, heralds a great impetus, full of fervent spirit stemming from his glowing soul. The rhythm and tempo have immeasurable significance.  Not limited to the first piece, he keeps phrasing relatively long in all the subsequent Polonaises, and in each he propels himself forward like a swimmer.  He doesn't take unnecessary breath.  This is the best way to express the single-mindedness of Chopin, his love for his country Poland, which is emphasized by Blechacz's single-minded pursuit of Chopin's music.

<<Polonaise Fantasie>>!  Dream, aching nostalgia and the determination to step forward powerfully -how Blechacz expresses the path of emotions, following the true picture of Chopin is exceptionally wonderful.  No doubt that this disc will be remembered as one of the best-of-the-best recordings for touching the essence of Chopin's music.

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