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Oct 21, 2013

Voices of admiration by his fans and journalists on his "Polonaises" (Japan)

Some comments on Blechacz's album "Polonaises" that I came across in Japan by both music journalists and the public.

** The  other day I stopped by Yamano Music shop and heard a wonderfully refreshing performance of "Military Polonaise" played through the shop's speaker.  It was played at faster pace compared to the performances by Rubinstein or Pollini that I'm familiar with, but there was nothing frivolous.  Rather I felt something solid and the music, brilliantly, reached straight to the depth of my heart.  Who is playing this?  Rafał Blechacz.  Very impressive that we still have such a young man these days.

** The latest album "Chopin Polonaises" by Blechacz has quite an impact.  He plays so energetic that the interpretation may break down my image of Blechacz or even the preconception of Polonaises. I straightened up and listened with respectful attention to the Polonaise No. 5, my favorite piece.  It's really impressive that he has been growing so steadily.
His stock rose sharply with this disc.  I'm going to listen to his past recordings again.
(Yasushi Tanaka, Chief Editor of Monthly "Bravo".)

** Blechacz's Chopin disc sells very well.  Actually I love this CD.  Come to our listening booth.
(a sales associate of Tower Records, Hiroshima)

** At last I have the Polonaises by Blechacz delivered to me.  Now I'm listening to it.   Very impressive.  Why does it sound so refreshing? I'm so excited as if I'm listening to these pieces for the first time.

** Every time I listen to him, I'm impressed by further growth and depth added to his interpretation.  His unparalleled talent, effort and study can be felt when his music sinks deeply into my mind.  Polonaise Fantasie is especially impressive and his deep respect for his home country and Chopin is inferred.  His peculiar quietness, thoughtfulness and intelligence encompass all the pieces and thanks to him, we can feel the highly difficult works closer to us.

(Yoshiko Ikuma, music journalist, contributing to Nikkei, the biggest economic daily.  She wrote another short review of Blechacz's CD for Ongaku-no-tomo, a music monthly)

** The new recording of Blechacz is wonderful as I expected ♪ So far I didn't have an opportunity to hear all the Polonaises on one disc, so I have a taste for each Polonaise and the spirit of Poland comes heavily on my heart.  I'm looking forward to listening to his interpretations live ✺◟(∗❛ัᴗ❛ั∗)◞✺

Rafał Blechacz will give four recitals in December this year in Japan.  The recital in Musashino Civic Cultural Hall, Tokyo was sold out on the day of ticket release last month and Tokyo Opera City Hall was sold out on Sunday.  Another two venues are in Yokohama and Saitama, all in the greater Tokyo Metropolitan area.  Quite a few fans will attend the concerts coming from other cities than Tokyo, including the author of the last comment above.  Another fan in Okinawa said, "It could be my first and last experience of his live performance".  Actually it takes more time to come from Okinawa than from Korea.  I understand how she feels.

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