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Aug 31, 2013

From Klassikakzente/Universal Music Germany

You can hear fragments of all the Polonaises from R.Blechacz's new album on Klassikakzente and Universal Music Germany as well as on

Klassikakzente website

Universal Music Germany

** Like his other four albums from DG, this album "Chopin Polonaises" has a bonus track (Chopin Waltz op.34-2) that is made available on-line, according to German iTunes.  Trial listening is already made available, even from outside of Germany.

Aug 30, 2013

R. Blechacz's new CD "Chopin Polonaises" released in Japan today

Happy surprise!  The new album by RB "Chopin Polonaises" (Import version) began to sell today on Aug. 30 in major shops of Tower Records Japan and HMV Japan, three weeks earlier than originally scheduled.  It's also available on-line.

A photo of a shop in Sapporo.

I'll go to the shop tomorrow morning (^_^)
So I went to the shop to get it.

Preview corner of Tower Records, Shibuya, Tokyo (left)
CD booklet and CD (right)

Another happy surprise was pictures under the CD and back cover of the jacket.  I must say they are "Cool!" You'll find it out in a few days.  International release will be Sept. 6.

Aug 28, 2013

Listen! Polonaise op. 40-1 in its entirety

"Download a free track from Rafał Blechacz's forthcoming album of Chopin's Polonaises";
from Deutsche Grammophon Buzz Pre-release Material website

Click on the photo.  You can hear the entire performance of Polonaise op. 40-1
Registration with DG or log in Facebook needed.

Chopins music has an endless fascination and significance for Rafał Blechacz. 
I feel very close to this music. It offers us a chance to express so many different emotions of every shade and colour: not just melancholy but also joy and resolve. Chopin lived in an age which, politically speaking, was extremely difficult for Poland, and this is clearly reflected in his works: it was one of the most powerful sources of inspiration behind his polonaises and mazurkas. The heroic atmosphere of his polonaises stems from this, and his love of his homeland is plain for us to hear. And yet his music is absolutely universal.

KlassikAkzente and Universal Music Germany updated Rafał Blechacz official websites.

Aug 27, 2013

Liner notes of the CD "Chopin Polonaises"

You can see and read RB's new CD's booklet in English, German, French and Polish.
Click the picture of the booklet.

One of the most effective liner notes I've ever read.  It touches my heart, as I can follow Chopin's life, yearning of his mother country with a profound observation/interpretation of each Polonaise by Rafał Blechacz.

Aug 25, 2013

TVP broadcast: Rafał Blechacz plays Mozart piano concerto in A major k.488

TVP Kultura will broadcast an inaugural concert of the Muzyczny Festiwal w Łańcucie (Music Festival in Łańcut) 2005, when Rafał Blechacz played Mozart Piano Concerto in A major, k.488, with AUKSO Orkiestra Kameralna (conductor: Jerzy Maksymiuk) as well as some Chopin for encores,

on August 27 @12:05

TVP Kultura program page
program description by

His performance of this Mozart piece is one of my favorites.  The performance by then 19 year-old (months before the 2005 Chopin Competition) is full of youthfulness and energy, and would inevitably brighten up your heart and mind if you listen to it at the beginning of the day.  I believe he is one of the most excellent interpreters of Mozart.

Archive of the show?  Please give it a try.  TVP is not viewable in Japan or US so I cannot verify it. (Aug. 29)

Somewhere in this blog, I wrote that Blechacz's new album "Chopin Polonaises" was recorded in Ludwigshafen, because Tower Records Japan had this venue on its website.  But this info turned out to be wrong.  The new album was recorded in  Friedrich-Ebert-Halle, Hamburg, as has been described by Deutsche Grammophon website.  Sorry for the misinfo.!

It's not news about RB, but I learned from reviews in UK that Antoni Wit finished his last concert as an artistic director of Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra during this year's Proms.
RB's last concert with Wit was in Prague in May last year when RB played Beethoven's 4th concerto, if I remember correctly.

Guardian's review

Aug 22, 2013

You can hear Polonaise op.44, too

You can hear Polonaise op.44 as well as op. 26-1, 41-1, 53 and 61 from Universal Music Japan website.
Very impressive...pride in this music can be felt.

Universal Music Japan Rafał Blechacz
Click on dark the dark gray icon for each of five tracks.

from Amazon

DG news letter "Rafal Blechacz"

↓Fan's voices (from Japan)

"Blechacz's polonaise is in a different class of his own".
"Blechacz-san looks sweet with the green sweater".

From Sound Clouds - listen to fragments of Polonaises op. 40-1, 53 and 61 from Rafał Blechacz's new album

You can hear fragments of Polonaises op. 41-1, 53 and 61 from Rafał Blechacz's new album.

This is what Blechacz says about Polonaise op. 53, from Facebook DG.

Aug 21, 2013

From Face Book/Twitter by Deutsche Grammophon

Deutsche Grammophon FB       Rafal Blechacz FB
Deutsche Grammophon twitter

"Rafal Blechacz returns with Chopin! His upcoming album, a recording of the Chopin’s Polonaises nos. 1-7, will be released in September."

Aug 19, 2013

Rafał Blechacz, recent news from his region

Rafał Blechacz visited Shrine to Virgin Mary in Ostrowąs on the day of the Assumption of Mary.  In the photo, he plays Chopin's works in the rectory with Fr.Janusz Drewniak looking at him.

Article from Gazeta Pomorska.

Article from Przewodnik Katolicki

Aug 11, 2013

Articles on Blechacz's new album "Polonaises" from Polish media

Rzeczpospolita dated Aug.1, written by Jacek Marczyński

"Deutsche Grammophon has just announced that the premiere of Rafał Blechacz's new album will be on September 10. The pianist has recorded this time seven Polonaises by Chopin...." on Aug. 10
"Rafał Blechacz returns to Chopin".

Audio Lifestyle on July 23.

** Int. release will be on Sept. 6.

Universal Music Japan posted ad of Blechacz’s new CD on its official website.  It introduces a fraction of liner note written by Rafał Blechacz.  It’s very impressive but I don’t translate it back to English since I believe it’ll be published in other countries very soon. (Aug. 15)


"It is not a profession to be a pianist and musician. It is a philosophy, a conception of life that cannot be based on good intentions or natural talent. First and foremost there must be a spirit of sacrifice."
(Arturo Benedetti Michelangeli)

I found this remark from Mezzo TV's website on June, 12, the date Michelangeli passed away, remembering it from a comment on "sacrifice" of the previous post.